Gallery 2021 – Gabriela Villatoro

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Gabriela Villatoro


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Ciudad Blanca (White City) is an unexplored ancient city in La Mosquitia rainforest of Honduras. The idea of a white city lost in nature-inspired the colors and textures, created using the machine, hand knitting, and felting.

Hand felted wool on silk, asymmetrical top.

Proposing garments to be upcycled by the wearer; this pant is attached by rings so that the pieces can be rearranged and worn as the top in this look.

Close up of look 1.

Hand knit honeycomb cable pant in ivory.

Hand knit honeycomb cable pant in ivory.

Meet the Designer

Villatoro, Gabriela

Gabriela Villatoro

Miami, Florida

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Growing up I loved to draw, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do when I was a child, but I knew I wanted to create. Entering high school, I was lucky enough to attend an art and design school where I began to focus on fashion design. Designing clothing gave me the opportunity to create in another dimension. I was drawn to focus my last two years at FIT in knitwear because I am able to further push the limitations on what I make, beginning the process with the creation of my own fabric.

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