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Genna Rose Invencion


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Photo 1

This jacket features an all-over navy, blue, and teal maze print. The jacket is designed with exaggerated bishop sleeves and a gathered peplum hemline. Also featured are the short-length notch collar and button closure on the front.

Photo 2

The full front view shows the maze jacket featuring the gathered peplum in its hi-low form and the teal meandering pant, with the uneven hemline, made in twill wool suiting.

Photo 3

This jacket features an up-close view of the cotton haori shantung maze print and notched collar.

Photo 4

This view of the pant highlights the exterior pockets, the uneven pant hemline, and also the meandering top-stitching all-over the pant that has a fly-front zipper.

Photo 5

Up-close, the pocket detail is shown with a smaller meandering detail on the pocket with seam binding on the edges. The jacket also shows the exaggerated bishop sleeves rested.

This CLO turntable shows a 360-degree view of the maze jacket and the meandering topstitched, uneven hemline pant.

Meet the Designer

Invencion, Genna

Genna Rose Invencion

Hollister, California

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My journey to becoming a designer has always been about learning something new. I think what is important to learn, is not only about making the garment, but keeping an open mind about the design process from start to finish. My grandmother was a seamstress, and a part of her is within me and my reason to design. She has been an inspiration for me to become a fashion designer and make anything possible. I would describe myself as a designer who creates items that are elegant, detail-oriented, and yet have a sense of simplicity. I chose my specialization to be sportswear because of the endless possibilities that you can create. Designs can be versatile and have their own personality. As a designer, my interests are not only limited to design. I want to impact the industry in a positive way, in any way possible.

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