Gallery 2021 – Gianna Amore

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Gianna Amore

Intimate Apparel

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Welcome 2 Utopia, My Own Personal World: Model wears cut-out catsuit with mesh ripple details trailing up the legs, and a floor-length organza robe complete with gloves. Circle cut-outs are embellished with merrow thread and bead detailing.

Side view showing hand-painted heart corset with lace-up sides and squiggle cording details.

Mesh ripples all around the back with plush heart and star corset details peeking through.

Serving the full utopia experience complete with embellished organza robe, heart corset, catsuit, and holding utopian flower.

Close-up of hand-painted heart corset featuring hand-sewn straw shapes.

3D model render of the full utopia look using CLO 3D software.

Meet the Designer

Gianna Amore

Coventry, Rhode Island
Intimate Apparel

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As a child, designing was always an interest of mine that I thought I should follow. Intimate apparel specifically intrigued me because I saw it as a playground, a place to take the traditional and flip it on its head. I like the idea that lingerie can move into a space that is less about women being confined, and more about somebody wearing it for any type of reason they see fit, it can also be incorporated into an everyday piece of streetwear as a playful part of dressing. My aesthetic changes frequently, shifting between a more serene, punk inspired style, to bright neons with child-like design influences. Drawing on life experiences, I would like to help move the fashion mindset to a place unconfined by gender roles and societal constrictions, encouraging the world to participate in the fashion community as a ~true~ means of expression accessible for everyone.

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