Gallery 2021 – Guangyulu Yang

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Ulo Yang


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Photo 1

The dress has a main body and two removable sheer layers, which are connected by two flexible strings with six marble buttons hooked by elastic loops on each side. The dress shows the curious spirit and playful attitude of girls.

Front view of the look. There are cutouts on each side of the dress, styled with two strings, which come all the way out of the bodice.

Photo 2
Photo 3

The back elastic band is fastened by three marble buttons on the left side. The shoulder bands are made of plastic hollow tubes.

Photo 4

The dress shows both the elegant and curious sides of girls.

Photo 5

The two sheer layers are made of organza.

The video shows the interesting process of wearing this dress, showing the playful attitude and unique aesthetic.

Meet the Designer

Yang, Guangyulu

Ulo Yang

I enjoy the process of creating. I love all of the emotions brought about by the process, including happiness as well as suffering. I fell in love with both fashion and art at the same time and I decided to embrace them together in my work. I chose sportswear because I wish to see various kinds of people wearing my designs.

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