Gallery 2021 – Hannah Leeke

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Hannah Leeke


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Photo 1

Model Isabelle wearing the reversible wool bodysuit, armor warmers, and plum snap skirt.

Photo 2

Model Isabelle in the sword sleeve nun coat, armor warmers, and reversible wool body suit with mohair trimmings.

Photo 3

Scan of hand drawn and printed tissue knit armor warmers.

Photo 4

Model Isabelle in the reversible wool bodysuit, armor warmers, and sword sleeve nun coat with sleeves snapped together behind her.

Photo 5

Model Isabelle in the full look: black sword sleeve nun coat, reversible wool bodysuit with mohair trimmings, plum snap skirt, and armor warmers.

Photo 6

Model and I behind the scenes.

Meet the Designer

Hannah Leeke

Charlotte, North Carolina

I grew up following my mother around stone yards and artisan shops as she designed the interior of people’s homes. As I got older, I recognized the same creative passion in myself towards clothing. When I was around 15, I began sewing and drawing and have been evolving aesthetically ever since. I started at FIT in 2017 to learn essential technical skills and found a love for art and fashion history that influences a lot of my work. I strive to tell narratives through my clothing while bringing a sense of form, function, and bold fluidity that inspires both individualism and confidence within the wearer. My work is aimed towards anyone of any age, shape, or gender. I am fed up with the industry pushing customers to consume too much, and I hope to promote innovation and longevity.

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