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Hannah Shores


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The “Boundaries” collection is inspired by a feeling of leaving comfort zones and defying personal boundaries. It focuses on the idea of how a garment can be transformed by adding and taking away different components, and how texture and conceptual embellishment can provide freedom and spontaneity in movement.

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Removable leather components are embellished by hand with metal chain, studs, and glass beads. The pieces are detachable with snaps and a double end separating zipper.

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Asymmetric varsity jacket is made of a mix of angora wool and lambskin. Details include a three-piece raglan sleeve, double welt pockets, and a hidden snap front closure.

Photo 4

Nylon tulle top is hand beaded with glass beads and constructed with French seams.

Straight leg leather trouser is patterned asymmetrically, consisting of 40 different pieces, creating a distinctive patchwork design on each front and back pant leg.

Jacket can be built upon with additional pieces, customized by the wearer. This allows for the freedom to grow and transform.

Meet the Designer

Shores, Hannah

Hannah Shores

Broomfield, Colorado

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As a designer, I have always been inspired by the way clothing can have so much beauty, while also having so much intention. I design with the intention to break away from my own comfort zones, and to consistently work toward an evolution of self-exploration. I design because it is my outlet to express my genuine self, and because I am incredibly astounded by the ability clothing has to make a person feel completely and unapologetically themselves.

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