Gallery 2021 – Isabelle Lorenzo

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Isabelle Lorenzo

Intimate Apparel

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The inspiration behind this control slip dress is the curving movements of a snake. All of the prominent dress lines compliment the body's curves.

This control slip dress was inspired by the curved moments of snakes.

This control slip dress has a snake skin pattern, beaded by hand on transparent stretch mesh, to give the illusion of snake skin.

This dress features ruched demi cups accompanied by a V-wire neckline.

The snakepattern beading continues in the curved sheer panels along the sides of the garment.

The snakeskin pattern beading continues along the sides of the garment.

Each seam sculpts the body and enhances the body's curves.

All sheer and solid panels are strategically placed to capture the eye.

Double straps on both sides of the garment provide extra support to the wearer. A full length zipper allows for ease of dressing.

Full zipper and double straps for easy dressing.

Meet the Designer

Isabelle Lorenzo

Piscataway, New Jersey
Intimate Apparel

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I have always considered myself to be an artist and what I love most is bringing my drawings to life. Before I decided to study fashion design, I studied engineering, but soon realized that I preferred designing clothing rather than infrastructure. The creation of using two-dimensional pieces to create entire three-dimensional pieces was always fascinating to me, along with the small technical details that hold everything together. It was apparent that intimate apparel offered the greatest practice in learning about the structure and foundations that hold a garment’s shape. At the same time, intimate appeal has always been a great interest of mine for how versatile it can be. The same style can be worn under a heavy sweater or under a sheer top, it is up to the wearer to decide what is exposed and what remains a mystery.  Lingerie is the ultimate universal apparel.

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