Gallery 2021 – Izzy McClelland

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Izzy McClelland


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Photo 1

Polaroids capture a memory, but sometimes that photo is obstructed by light and damaged, resulting in abstract colors and organic lines. It is no longer the memory you tried to capture, but a unique piece of abstract art. This dress, corset, and sweater explore the beauty that comes from the unintended.

The sweater sleeves include weaving techniques and an arcade stitch crochet trim. The varying techniques, textures, and colors create a quirky dimensionality.

Photo 2
Photo 3

Each sleeve is an exploration of textile with no end and no beginning. Techniques joined on the sleeve create a synergy of abstract shapes and an explosion of colors and textures.

Photo 4

In a broken polaroid, the beauty comes from the unexpected interruptions of line and blending of colors.

Photo 5

The corset is created on the 7gg Stoll machine with a double jacquard abstract design. The fabric is cut and sewn into a steel boned corset.

Photo 6

The dress made on the Stoll machine collages cables and arans. Two pockets are made using a punch needle, and crochet with horizontal waves, interrupting the vertical waves of the dress.

Photo: Megan O’Rourke
Model: Chandler Moses

Meet the Designer

McClelland, Isabelle

Izzy McClelland

Freeport, Maine

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