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Jasmine Mckenna


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Photo 1

Inspired by comfort and a punk exterior, the puffer shrug set is a cropped jacket filled with insulation and completed with hand-covered/hand-sewn buttons and paired with a pleated mini skirt for a feminine look.

Hand-covered and hand-sewn buttons for a tufting effect.

Photo 2
Photo 3

The puffer shrug gives flexible mobility for extended movement and long sleeves for dramatic emphasis.

Photo 4

The puffer shrug includes a stylish puffer head mask for extra warmth and safety.

The right extended lapel crosses to the left side with no closure left to hang over the body, while the right side closes over the left shoulder.

3D CLO animation showcasing the front and back of the garment, with the closing being in the back.

Meet the Designer

Anderson, Jasmine

Jasmine Mckenna

Sacramento, California

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Ever since I was a young girl, I have been deeply in love with the thought of being able to create my own designs. I still recall the epic “this is what I want to wear to school” kindergarten battles I had with my mother before she understood my devotion to experimenting with my costumes. Designing is all I have ever wanted to do, once I started sewing lessons, it was the only activity I loved and continued to pursue. Now I am designing to use my voice and talent to make a change, through a creative outlook of a cross between vintage and modern ideas that create youthful garments, whether that be with a fabric or a silhouette. Sportswear was the specialization calling my name that would give me free range to continue my streetwear/vintage aesthetic.

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