Gallery 2021 – Jessica Zaffiro

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Jessica Zaffiro


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Photo 1

Closeup of cotton and silk tailored jacket with structured shoulders and notch collar. Ombré silk necktie and shirt.

Photo 2

Pleated detachable cotton and silk panel on right double-welted pocket. Oversized blazer, straight oversized shorts, and silk tie.

Photo 3

High-waisted cotton and silk tailored shorts with waistband. Silk necktie and shirt. Oversized jacket lined with silk ombré charmeuse. Pleated detachable panel on right double welted pocket.

Photo 4

Side view of the complete look. Pleated panel on welted pocket. Structured shoulders on oversized jacket. Tailored shorts.

Photo 5

Three-quarter view of complete look. Oversized cotton and silk jacket lined with silk charmeuse. Pleated detachable panel on right double welted pocket. Tailored cotton and silk shorts. Ombré silk necktie and shirt.

Closeup of the complete look. The ombré silk fabric can be seen as well as the cotton & silk structured jacket and shorts.

Meet the Designer

Zaffiro, Jessica

Jessica Zaffiro

Vallefiorita, Calabria, Italy

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I was born in a small town in Southern Italy. Fashion didn’t exist there, but for some reason I’ve always been passionate about it. Growing up I was designing clothes all the time even though I didn’t have any inspiration except for the tailor in my town. Today my designs are still tailored, and that’s because of him. I like the idea of using tailored pieces, but to make them new and unisex for anyone to wear. My favorite pieces to design are jackets. I also love designing pieces that can later be mixed and matched to create different looks. I believe that is what made me choose sportswear.

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