Gallery 2021 – Jialing Shen

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Jialing Shen


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Photo 1

The three-dimensional hand constructed boning panels with five different colored, hand-knitted 7 gauge pointelle outer dress.

Photo 2

STOLL knitted 10gg plaiting embossed rib with full cardigan flared hem pant.

Photo 3

The Brother knitted 7gg hand weaving textured tank top with crochet finishing.

Photo 4

The color combination is inspired by fishing nets, where different colored nets are used to harvest different types of fish species.

Photo 5

Side view

Photographer: Ziqi Xu
Model: Ken Lomont

Meet the Designer

Shen, Jialing

Jialing Shen

Shanghai, China

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From the first sweater that my grandmother made for me, I found a passion for art and fashion. She always taught me different ways to create things and approach the final design, such as weaving, hand-knitting, and sewing. During my childhood, I grew up with a lot of art and creative craftsmanship all around me. My grandmother’s influence also helped me to understand that fashion is my destiny. I believe that fashion is about self-expression while on the journey of pursuing my dream. Based on the clothes you wear; you can really stand out from a crowd. It’s like telling a story. Clothing is an external way of showing personality for a lot of people. That has made me want to be a fashion designer.  I describe my design as feminine, with a strong sense of creativity and style.

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