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Jiayu Lin


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Photo 1

Inspired by amanita bisporigera, a deadly poisonous fungus. It is commonly referred to as the destroying angel. This one-shoulder crop top in beige micro-pleated, polyester chiffon, and black taffeta, featuring a released pleated edge, and two layers rolled inside the design. Big loose pants decorated with handmade mushroom resin artworks.

Photo 2

Left back view: An elastic band and several cords hold the top in place. The resins in the back of the pants are placed for the wearer to comfortably sit.

Photo 3

Left side view: The joining of the two fabrics on the top were cut in a wave line. When worn, it will present several curves in smooth turns.

Photo 4

Right side view: A fluid silhouette with a combination of beige and black.

Photo 5

Front view: The pants were created by two very wide rectangles gathered at the waistband.

A look representing the juxtaposition of innocent elegance and sinister sensuality.

Meet the Designer

Lin, Jiayu

Jiayu Lin

Fuzhou, Fujian, China

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I have a taste for discovering unusual things in the world. These unusual things inspire me to think boldly and not be trapped in a defined world. In my opinion, an object doesn’t have only one definition. Instead, each object is multi-faced. I’m obsessed with making unconventional things be my inspiration. Discovering its different aspects and blending that into my philosophies. My audience will have more than one feeling when they see my collections. In my aesthetic, I am pursuing a perfect balance between sophisticated sexiness and playful innocence. The silhouettes show modern lifestyle and femininity, the structures present sensuality, and the details project novelty. My collections show cute youth in a seductive and elegant way.

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