Gallery 2021 – Jie Yu Chen

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Jie Yu Carina Chen

Special Occasion

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Photo 1

Colors have an enormous impact on our emotions, their immense range can create strong and diverse stages of happiness and sadness within us. My journey from recovering from Covid-19 has inspired me to evaluate and embrace my collection, “Intricate Emotions” by using the personal color palette I have chosen.

Photo 2

Satin A-line gown with a V-neckline, floral appliqué, beaded plastic details, and a side tulle overskirt.

Photo 3

One main material of my garment is plastic bottles. Most of the time people see plastic bottles as waste. Yet, what if I can appreciate its preciousness?

Photo 4

Deep V-neck gown embellished with clear flowers and crystals. Flowers were made from recycled plastic bottles from the community bin.

Photo 5

Gown embellishments are made from bottles collected from the recycling bin. Cutting the bottles into ideal shapes and heating ends with a candle created a curl. Crystals and beads were applied to shapes.

I hope my design can remind people how many bottles will, unfortunately, end up in landfills rather than recycling facilities. We should take responsibility before using or disposing of it.

Meet the Designer

Chen, Jie Yu Carina

Jie Yu Carina Chen

Vancouver, Canada
Special Occasion

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I am sentimental and emotional and meticulous in my work. Sometimes I feel melancholy, at other times romantic. I have an instinct for turning inspiration into artistic reality. I channel my epiphanies and draw on my journal writing for creating my garments. All of my designs come to exist because there are stories behind the garments, rather than just being gorgeous. I love creating garments that “speak” for me. My experience with fashion projects at FIT, allowed me to create an immense space where my imagination and curiosity could soar. My motivation for being a designer is to enlighten and gain self-confidence. I convey messages through my designs. I have read that “It doesn’t matter how people judge who you are. It’s about how you appreciate your uniqueness and perceive it as a gift.”

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