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Jillian Gordon


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Inspired by the unprecedented year we’ve had, the collection depicts the New Beginning. It embodies the uncertainty, damage, and opportunities brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despair and destruction can occur at any moment, but finding love, beauty and a new beginning conquers all.

Combining the negative elements of the pandemic with the peace of mind that is to come. The soft and airiness of the silk juxtaposes the heavy denim.

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Detachable train and utility pouch belt. Ivory denim utility pouch with cargo pocket, zip pocket, and square buckle canvas belt. Canvas belts on back create a bustle, lifting the fabric.

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The asymmetrical denim jumpsuit symbolizes a hazmat suit. Voluminous puff sleeve with snap-on cuff. The adjacent side is a strapless, bustier bodysuit with structured fit and molded cups.

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The denim flows into the pleated silk crepe, embellished with draped gold chain. The IV bag acts as a symbol of life as if we are being injected with positivity.

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Meet the Designer

Gordon, Jillian

Jill Gordon

West Islip, New York

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Designing clothes and seeing my creations come to life truly taught me that one can “Choose a job you love and never have to work a day in your life.” I have always had a keen eye for detail and found joy in putting outfits together. I was into fine art from a young age, but aspired to learn something new, it was then that I chose to become a fashion designer. Unfortunately, my dreams to be a designer didn’t come easy.  It took me three tries to be accepted into the Fashion Design Program at FIT.  That didn’t stop me, it made me stronger.  I believe that this speaks to who I am as a person.  As a designer, my focus is to create wearable clothing that make woman feel elegant and comfortable in their own skin.  I believe that “less is more” and create sophisticated, poised designs.

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