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Junru Chen


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The deconstructed jacket was made of natural-dyed velveteen with burned raw edge detail. The velveteen was dyed with Pu’er tea and Chinese herbs. Eight-broken print on lining is exposed from the burned-out area on right shoulder. A lot of tailoring techniques were applied to both sides of the fabric.  All edges were tacked and attached with cross and invisible stitches.

The collection features distressed fabric. It has been aged as we all will be aged.

The distressed details on the jacket are inspired by "eight brokens" painting genre. The print on the lining is from the burned-out area of the velveteen. The print was transformed from vintage objects, made by duplicating decades-old newspaper, coins, old letters and paperwork from Japan. A collage was made from these items and ceramic works and calligraphy. The burned edges are attached to the lining with cross stitches.

The “eight brokens” is a mid-19th century Chinese painting genre that consists of realistic depictions of antique documents.

Raw edge is  a critical feature to the whole look, but all the unfinished details are applied artistically.

The look comes across as effortless. When the sleeve is rolled up, the cross-stitch detail and print on the lining may come as a surprise.

Under the thickness and distressed effects of the jacket, there is a light cotton skirt that looks classic in the front. The silhouettes, fabrications, and textures contrast greately when the pieces are put together. This suggests human conflicts that happen throughout one's lifetime.

The contrast between silhouettes of the oversize jacket and the slim-fit skirt, is a fun part of the look. It alludes to the powerful soul that emerges after overcoming difficulties.

The drapery on the back of the skirt echos the detail on the elastic sleeveless top. The softness and stiffness between the top and bottom are tied together by the tie at the waist. The skirt has burnt edges.

The inside of the jacket reflects a graceful feminine portrait. The drapery details on the garments are meant to express the beauty of female bodies. 

Life experiences and scars are fundamental to building the soul.
Maturity is about accepting the past. A promising future can have bad memories that were left behind. The top is closed on the side with three sets of vintage coated hooks and eyes. The skirt is finished with burned edges; there is an opening created by the back drapery. 

Meet the Designer

chen, junru

Junru Chen

Nanjing, China

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Fashion Design is the way for me to speak out. As a designer, I have the freedom to visualize my personal feelings and the world through my eyes by creating my designs and fashion products. I want the world to listen to my voice by looking at my projects. Art gathers talented people to be pioneers, those who are extremely open-minded and willing to embrace the diversity of beauty and individual differences. The most exciting part of a designer’s job is the exploration towards cutting-edge ideas and experiments throughout the design process. I chose to do sportswear to create clothes which bring comfort, power and confidence to my customers in their daily life. With an avant-garde style, I consider my aesthetic to be effortless and easy-to-wear while I am playing with construction. I also incorporate distressed details which fight against the traditional beauty standards based on youth and flawlessness.

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