Gallery 2021 – Kenneth Espinosa

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Kenneth Robin Andrada Espinosa


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Photo 1

This “Cigarra” collection explores the different phases in the lifecycle of a cicada, which represents the anxiety and the emotions that the global pandemic has brought. This collection aims to showcase the talent and skills that I honed as a fashion design student.

Photo 2

Fusing old-world techniques with new-world innovations, is a high-fashion concept with organic shapes and innovative materials using silicone and illusion tulle with contrasting stitching.

Photo 3

Hand-poured Dragon Skin silicone used for prosthetics, constructed as a bodice showcasing hand-manipulated inverted cross pleating along with black power mesh bodysuit underneath

Photo 4

Detailed back view of Dragon Skin silicone bodice with hand-manipulated inverted cross pleating. The contrasting purl stitch is applied along the edges of 150 panels of nude illusion tulle.

Photo 5

Full view with silicone bodice, power mesh bodysuit, and 150 panels of nude illusion tulle stitched with contrasting thread sewn along in a cocoon underskirt with horsehair inner construction.

Video showing the garment in action.

Meet the Designer

Espinosa, Kenneth

Kenneth Robin Andrada Espinosa

Iloilo City, Philippines 

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Having moved to the United States from the Philippines, I graduated high school early in Houston, Texas, and then pursued nursing school in Dallas, Texas. However, I discovered that I did not have a passion for nursing. I continued my college career pursuing fashion design, assuring my parents that my talents would one day make them proud. My love for my craft has always been the fuel to keep pursuing my dreams. Though it could be exhausting at times, I always managed to find the silver lining in difficult situations. In the last few years, I have dedicated myself to mastering my craftsmanship and honing my skills, focusing on how I could become one of the great design visionaries such as Cristobal Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent, and Christian Dior. One day I aspire to become a creative director where I can share my vision, passion, and love for the arts.

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