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Kerrigan Onno


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Photo 1

This collection “Rethink” is inspired by Maria Bartuszova, a post-war plaster artist who explored the haptic and fleeting shapes of nature. The fluid drape and knotted rope are an echo one of her 1963 plasterworks. Here the models’ feet are plastered in reference to Bartuszova’s medium.

Photo 2

Homage is paid to the voluminous quality of Bartuszova’s work. A generous cut and drapery. is incorporated using her tying technique and a placid medium as a springboard.

Photo 3

This jumpsuit has a comfortable yet style-forward look for the modern woman. Plongé calf leather in plaster white was selected. 

Photo 4

The Mackintosh coat features a stylized kimono with a gusset and eliminated shoulder seam to create a fluid line that showcases the generous cut and drape of the fabric.

Photo 5

This look shows less of Bartuszova’s influence to acheive purity. A double-faced cashmere twill coat with a horn button was selected. The rope has been dipped in a matte flexible plastic that resembles plaster.

Meet the Designer

Steger, Kerrigan

Kerrigan Onno

Columbus Ohio

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The fashion industry has a great impact on the environment, and I feel a responsibility to do my part to make fashion more sustainable. Luckily, problem-solving is one of my favorite aspects of design. The curriculum in Milan pushed us to research and to consider the product life cycle, and how it can be improved for a more circular economy. The market is oversaturated and there needs to be an emphasis on reducing the number of items in a wardrobe while enhancing the duality of individual pieces. I want to create clothes that aren’t limited in their aesthetics or purpose. Clothes are more than what you put on your back and should enhance the wearer’s lifestyle. Empowering women will always be my main objective, but there are a host of opportunities where fashion can contribute to society’s ecosystem.

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