Gallery 2021 – Kristin Nappi

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Kristin Nappi


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Photo 1

The over piece is knitted from plastic bags from a big name designer. The top and skirt are knitted from a wool and alpaca blend, dyed using food scraps of black beans to get a blue-grey color. The pieces are as sustainable as possible and relate to art and the human body.

Photo 2

The pieces are handknit in a wool/alpaca blend, and the blue-grey color achieved using a natural dye made from black beans. Upcycled metal rings fasten the yoke to the sweater body.

Photo 3

Back piece of the garment with criss cross detailing being reminiscent of the spine and ribs.

Photo 4

Movement view of the plastic coat, and detailed close up. The piece is heavy and is composed of 50-75 plastic bags.

Photo 5

The small black patterning mimics cross-hatching in artwork. The upcycled rings are decoration and function to weigh down the coat.

This video showcases the garments and their movement and their relation to the human body and artwork.

Meet the Designer

Kristin Nappi

Miller Place, New York

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I became a designer because I wanted to make beautiful clothing and to help set a new direction for the fashion industry; one that is sustainable and environmentally aware. Since sustainability is so important to me, I chose knitwear for its potential to be completely sustainable and the ability to create my own textile. I think my aesthetic is usually modern and very fluid depending on what my inspiration is. I am always inspired by art or art history.

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