Gallery 2021 – Lauren Gennardo

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Lauren Gennardo


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Photo 1

A look inspired by the emotions of a long-distance relationship, featuring a cropped cotton canvas jacket with corded cutouts, a gathered, satin high-neck sleeveless top, high-waisted slim fit cotton twill pants, with contrasting gathered satin side panels, and a matching gathered satin bag with lover’s eye brooches.

Photo 2

Back view highlights the coordinating satin top and pants detail.

Photo 3

Ivory-colored gathered satin bag with lover’s eye brooches. Lover’s eyes were 18th-century mini portraits exchanged between long-distance lovers. Hypnotic gazes of love, lust, and longing were precious keepsakes kept close to heart.

Photo 4

Corded cutouts designed into the jacket are placed throughout the front, back, and sleeves, exposing glimpses of skin and gathered satin underneath.

Photo 5

This stone grey cropped jacket features corded cutouts inspired by loneliness and feeling incomplete. The ivory satin textile used throughout the look was handcrafted to create a gathering effect inspired by wilted white roses.

A look inspired by the emotions of a long-distance relationship is brought to life in the garden of the beautiful Oheka Castle. The serenity of the garden is both romantic yet lonely with its empty stillness.

Meet the Designer

Gennardo, Lauren

Lauren Gennardo

Massapequa Park, New York

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Fashion has always been my heart and soul and I am privileged to have the opportunity to center my life around my passion and channel my creativity into something I love. I gravitated towards sportswear because there is always room for creative expression, and it can go in any direction or aesthetic that you may want. Boundaries can be pushed, experimentation is encouraged, and there is a constant drive to develop something totally new and exciting with each garment or collection. I find that my design style shifts a little bit with each collection I design, which I admire about myself. I love the freedom and constant growth that fashion allows, leaving room for endless possibilities.

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