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Jinjing Lin


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Photo 1

My collection ‘ WE ROBOT ’ narrates a fantasy about how all humankind is artificial intelligence robots. I explored tech yarns such as UV color change or antibacterial yarns and sustainable yarns like bamboo or Bazelon throughout my design process to show what future knit will be like on humanoids.

Photo 2

My goal was for the knitwear to appear as a lightweight fluid extension or second layer of a humanoid’s body. Look shown featuring the fine-gauge cape over the gored dress.

Photo 3

Crème fine gauge fully fashioned gored dress with asymmetrical hem. Dress features UV color-changing jacquard detachable panel; additional color-changing pattern areas placed throughout the style.

Photo 4

Detail of the detachable striped cape-like top.

Photo 5

Detail picture.

UV color changing effect in CLO: It shows how UV-color-jacquard effects change when UV radiation intensity changes

Meet the Designer

Lin, JinJing

Jinjing Lin


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For as long as I can remember, I have desired to understand the world around me. Design involves discovering other sides of things; fashion design is to discover glamorous, meaningful possibilities of what we wear. When fashion and design meet, there suddenly exists a kind of faith. I use fashion to express myself and show my personality like all other fashion designers.

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