Gallery 2021 – Liqian Zhang

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Liqian Zhang


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Photo 1

Front view of look one as it appears in TECZZZ showroom. Jacket made of black rip-stop nylon.
Under the jacket is a tank top of a dark scarlet rayon jersey. Pants made from heat gun puckered tyvek.

Photo 2

Front view

Photo 3

Back view.

Photo 4


Back view in TECZZZ Studio.

Meet the Designer

Zhang, Liqian

Liqian Zhang

Nanning, Guangxi Province, China

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I have liked shopping ever since I was very young and loved to wear something different among my peers. As I grew up, I found out that most of the brands I liked before became unaffordable, and their designs were not that special to me anymore. Therefore, I decided to study fashion design and design things that I would wear. My design is a juxtaposition because everything in my closet is unisex. I believe there should not be specific rules in clothing, such as men can’t wear dresses. Everything I design is wearable. I don’t speak much, but my designs will speak for me.

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