Gallery 2021 – Madeline Kaminski

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Madeline Isabelle Kaminski

Special Occasion

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Photo 1

A Princess.

A woman who embodies honor, respect, and intrinsic beauty, which radiates through every aspect of her being.
A woman loved by many, preparing to spend the rest of her life with her prince charming.
Her wedding day. The first page in her fairytale. A glistening bride.

Photo 2

With extravagant fabrications, attention to detail, appliqués, beading, and scalloped hems, this gown will make a bride feel like royalty.

Photo 3

The dimensional lace brings the garment to life as sparkling flowers complement their unique texture.

Photo 4

Pearl buttons line the bride’s back while flowers grow up from her waistline, creating a cohesive, graceful silhouette.

Photo 5

The crinoline petticoat under structure, multiple layers of tulle, organza, and lace, are layered to create a voluminous ball gown with an exquisite train.

Photo 6

Every woman deserves to feel like a princess as she begins her happily ever after and, in this gown, she will.

Meet the Designer

Kaminski, Madeline

Madeline Isabelle Kaminski

Chester, New Jersey
Special Occasion

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Since I was a young girl, I knew I belonged in the fashion industry. My favorite activity was always dressing up, and I could never have too many sparkles or jewels. As I grew up, my passion for extravagant attire became my life. I enrolled in pre-college classes at FIT in sixth grade and continued taking them until I was accepted into FIT to continue my journey. FIT has been life-changing for me, as I constantly found myself excited to expand my knowledge and astonished at what I was able to create. As a designer, my goal is to make every woman feel stunningly beautiful and fearlessly confident. I chose to focus on special occasion, as I believe it is the most exquisite specialization. My designs are elegant and poised, enhanced with embellishments, pushing modern boundaries to establish a sophisticated, chic glamour.

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