Gallery 2021 – Maegan Fleniken

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Maegan Renee Fleniken

Special Occasion

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Photo 1

“Frigid Blues” is inspired by the beauty of Alsaka and bittersweet feelings of my last trip with my grandfather after he was diagnosed with ALS. The melting of the glaciers reminding me of my grandfather’s decline. Watching chunks of ice fall felt like weights on my heart.

Photo 2

Layered organza inspired by the shapes and lines of glaciers, and strung glass beads symbolizing the melting and dripping of water.

Photo 3

The effects of global warming on the icy parts of the world felt parallel to the effects of ALS on my grandfather.

Photo 4

This design references the melting and beauty of the glaciers.

Photo 5

The asymmetry of the skirt feels organic like the glaciers, but also references my feelings of unbalance, trying to enjoy these moments while also knowing what was to come.

Photo 6

This garment is dedicated to my grandfather Harvey, who truly meant the world to me.

Meet the Designer

Fleniken, Maegan

Maegan Renee Fleniken

Toledo, Ohio
Special Occasion

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I began sewing in my kindergarten art class, sewing with plastic needles as I made little embroidered pillows. When I was a bit older, I begged my parents for a sewing machine. My love for fashion design came when I began to teach myself how to drape on a dress form. I loved the feeling of “sculpting” the garment onto the form, manipulating the fabric in different ways. At FIT I’ve chosen special occasion as my specialization, I love to make one-of-a-kind garments with my own hands, my design evolving as I create it. I enjoy playing with dyes, fabric manipulation, and embellishments so that every aspect of my design comes directly from me.

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