Gallery 2021 – Maria Barros

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Special Occasion

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Photo 1

The curved and engulfed design allows flexibility and movement.

The garment construction shows the possibilities in the game of shapes and volumes.

Photo 2
Photo 3

Intentional manipulation creates a fragmentation of texture and symbolism.

Photo 4

The amplitude in the space generates a sensation of flying with the imagination.

Photo 5

Rich shades of color flow from the conjunction of the intertwined bands.

Meet the Designer

Maria Barros

Maria Alejandra Barros

Barranquilla, Colombia
Special Occasion

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From an early age I have been surrounded by visual art, architecture, and technical drawing. In these we find straight lines, geometric figures, and angular cuts that reflect an interesting aesthetic, carrying the organic expression of nature. This has heavily influenced my work by creating some of my designs to push the boundaries of wearable fashion through the combination of volume, shapes, lines, and colors. Just like an architect evokes different emotions in the spaces they create, I aim to achieve the same with my garments through the realization of unique pieces. I chose special occasion because throughout time it has told a unique narrative, from the evolution of society and culture to being a form of expression for people around the world, all accomplished through garment masterpieces. This is a story I want to be a part of.

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