Gallery 2021 – Mariana Gomez-Navarro

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Mariana Gomez-Navarro


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Photo 1

“Expression of Intersectionalities” is inspired the experience of a gender-fluid Latinx immigrant, as well as blue collar jobs vs. white collar opportunities. The saying “Lo que es para ti nadie te lo quita” translates as: what is meant for you no one can take away.

Photo 2

Silk/wool mechanics all-in-one, worn with silk organza PVC applique apron and wool padded half blazer.

Photo 3

Front view.

Photo 4

Silk/wool mechanics all-in-one.

Photo 5

Side profile of padded half blazer tied with apron straps.

Apron with words sewn on saying “Lo que es para ti nadie te lo quita”

Meet the Designer

Gomez, Mariana

Mariana Gomez-Navarro

Cartago, Costa Rica

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In second grade I woke up one day with the idea of an off the shoulder ball gown, and that was the exact day I began to design clothes. My grandmother was a designer in Costa Rica and I wanted to follow in her footsteps. I chose sportswear because I feel that I can best express my ideas through this specialization. It allows me to design with structure as well as fluidity. I like to use personal experiences to help inspire me in my design process. Being an immigrant has helped shape my design aesthetic. I like to mix workwear with business attire, as well as designing without the restrictions that gender provides. Representation is important to me, and through my designs I feel that I tell my story as a Latinx immigrant, and my hope is that other Latinx immigrants will be able to see themselves represented through my work.

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