Gallery 2021 – Mary Perrone

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Mary Perrone

Special Occasion

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Photo 1

This is a smocked wedding dress with a beaded bodysuit. The dress is draped in soft tulle and includes a silk chiffon lining.

Photo 2

The dress can also be worn without the bodysuit.

Photo 3

A closeup of the hand beaded bodysuit with patchwork detailing.

Photo 4

The inside of the gown is finished with lace trim.

Photo 5

The dress bodice is comprised of honeycomb smocked tulle. Teardrop pearls dangle from metallic thread, completing the look.

Meet the Designer

Perrone, Mary

Mary Perrone

Argyle, Texas
Special Occasion

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At a young age, I recall searching through my grandmother’s closet and being inspired by her vintage cocktail dresses and ornate perfume bottles. This experience would later inspire me to design evening gowns. My designs are often informed by my passion for art history, drawing inspiration from the great painters of the Baroque period. I find beauty in nature and often incorporate botanical themes into my work. I focus extensively on couture details, often intensively repeating these intricate, small details into mesmerizing and impactful patterns.

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