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Min Chen


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Little girl model is sitting on the white floor in a tiered blue dress with a pink bow.

This design was inspired by birthday cakes. its purpose is to bring the child happiness, beauty, and all the best wishes for every moment in their life.

Little girl model standing and holding the sides of her blur dress out to show the full sweep.

In the silhouette of this dress, multiple layers of silk fabric were used to build up volume like a luxurious birthday cake.

Little girl is standing with her one leg up, showing her off white shoes. She is wearing a blue dress.

Gathers on the layers are gradually reduced from the top of the dress to bottom. The color also lightens from the top to the bottom.

Little girl is sitting on the floor. Photo taken from the side. The designer is behind the model and is straightening the dress skirt.

Circles pattern shapes are used in each layer, which represents that everything will have a successful outcome.

Close up photo of a pink bow on a blue dress.

The pink bow on the dress represents the bow on top of a birthday present. This present is not only a gift but a blessing as well.

This dress is designed for special occasions like ceremonies and parties. Giving the child all the good things and wishing them the best.

Meet the Designer

Min, Chen

Min Chen

Fujian, China

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