Gallery 2021 – Murriam Nser

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Murriam Nser

Special Occasion

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Photo 1

This jumpsuit is inspired by ruffled fungi. The jumpsuit is made from shantung silk fabric and the ruffles are silk organza. By using soft fabrics and light hues, I have accomplished the feeling of calmness in nature. I accomplished this look by tie-dying the organza and incorporating ruffles that look like the fungi.

Photo 2

I was inspired by the ruffled fungi that usually grows along tree branches and down the truck of the trees. This jumpsuit has ruffles going down the right leg, thus imitating the fungi in the woods.

Photo 3

The organza ruffles go down the right leg and around the front bodice, creating the illusion of the ruffled fungi.

Photo 4

Bias strips of organza are used to create the ruffles and are circularly arranged onto the bodice. For tie-dye, I have used three different colors and spread them onto the fabric without any arrangement.

Photo 5

The organza ruffles are stitched onto the jumpsuit by hand. The tie-dye on the organza enhances light and dark hues when the ruffles are placed next to each other.

Meet the Designer

Nser, Murriam

Murriam Nser

Yonkers, New York
Special Occasion

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