Gallery 2021 – Naomi Olivo

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Naomi Olivo

Special Occasion

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Photo 1

This dress was inspired by Latin folklore and its famous urban legends; specifically La Llorona. Influenced by tradition, the dress showcases Latin silhouettes in a new light while keeping the spirit alive. Made with a silk crinkle chiffon, a silk satin lining, and red glass beads of various sizes.

Photo 2

La Llorona is commonly seen near water. To create bubbles on the dress, river rocks were tied in various locations on the crinkle chiffon then boiled.

Photo 3

The back of the dress showcases the train consisting of many cutouts of the silk chiffon, creating a shredded illusion and a tattered folk look.

Photo 4

A closer look at the beading done on the dress, consisting of various red glass beads. They represent the passionate tears La Llorona sheds as she wails for her lost children.

Photo 5

Close-up of the bubble technique and beading. Each river rock had to be individually hand-tied to create the look!

The process of the bubble technique and silhouette of the dress.

Meet the Designer

Olivo, Naomi

Naomi Olivo

Brooklyn, New York
Special Occasion

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I am a fashion designer born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, by Dominican parents. As a daughter of immigrants, I felt I had to live up to their vision of the American dream. In their minds, I should become a doctor, a lawyer, a professor, etc. But I knew I couldn’t sit still and do paperwork, I’m creative! I would watch all my favorite artists on the Latin Grammys with their beautiful gowns, and I would try to recreate the looks with blankets! As children, household stories of hauntings and other urban legends were told to us in order to keep us in check, but I was always fascinated by them and tried to incorporate some twisted alter ego into my work as a designer. Fashion design had always been with me and I would love to show the world the little Latina who designed with blankets.

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