Gallery 2021 – Natalie Rapallo

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Natalie Rapallo

Special Occasion

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Photo 1

This dress is inspired by the feeling of being home, safe in bed. The feeling of being swallowed up in a blanket as the morning light changes to night.

Photo 2

The dress is created in a taupe, stretch, silk georgette. The embellished tulle was hand dyed and woven to mimic a cable knit design.

Photo 3

The cable knit design is inspired by the casual lifestyle embraced by many during this past year.

Photo 4

The tulle is embellished with fresh water pearls and crystals that drape over the French chantilly lace appliqué.

Photo 5

Hand woven tulle falls down the back of the dress, as embellishments weave through the cable knit design.

Photo 6

This photoshoot was done following the COVID-19 restrictions in Toronto, Canada. The quarantine photoshoot worked perfectly in portraying the theme of the garment from initial concept to final showcase.

Meet the Designer

Rapallo, Natalie

Natalie Rapallo

King City, Ontario, Canada
Special Occasion

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I first discovered my love for fashion through art.  I was mesmerized by one’s ability to sculpt and create something so beautiful from pieces of fabric.  I found something so magical in the way I could draw inspiration from a mood, feeling, thought, or idea, and create art around a human figure.  Fashion to me is something that can be very personal or intimate, yet it is something that truly everyone is a part of.  And so, as a designer, I want to promote a more personal connection between people and fashion by creating clothes that make people feel excited to wake up and get dressed in the morning.  My designs are heavily inspired by how I feel, what I am intrigued by, and what I want to see for the future.

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