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Niyomi Shah


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Photo 1

This garment derives its inspiration from the colors and textures of the damage done by humans on the holy Ganges river. The colors pay homage to the sanctity and holiness of the river, while the textures are a testament to the garbage it harbors.

Photo 2

A sheer organza woven shirt is modernized with attached handknit sleeves. The chunky textured yarn is created by mixing boucle yarn, interwoven with tweeds. White is synonymous with Ganga’s liberation.

Photo 3

The ensemble includes a handknit V-neck dress, ribbed pants, and an organza shirt. The look embodies the paradoxical and multifarious meaning that the River Ganges holds for different individuals.

Photo 4

This look is a true reflection of the battle raged between religion and reality. A testament to the holy river that boasts mythological sanctity, but environmental calamity.

Photo 5

Just like Ganga, this image represents liberation. The plastic embodies a blurred reality, clouding our understanding of the true nature of the river with maroon and pink accented overlays.

Through my design, I have attempted to make sense of Gange’s contradictions and paradoxes. Colors and textures are merged together in beautiful matrimony, representing the design concept in its entirety.

Model: Jess Hampton
Photography: Danikah Chartier
MUA: Michael Shelton

Meet the Designer

Shah, Niyomi

Niyomi Shah

Ahmedabad, India

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Born in a family of leading denim exporters in Gujarat, India, I felt a strong influence on fashion from a young age. Design became my way of self-expression and helped me exercising my creativity. As designers, we hold the capacity and responsibility of designing creative and sustainable solutions to the world’s problems. Being a designer has truly been a privilege for me. Being exposed to this industry has not only taught me important observational, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, but also important values such as empathy and diligence. I’m grateful that I get to wake up every day with the ability to create something with my bare hands while trying to make the world a more ethical place.

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