Gallery 2021 – Ozge Ozdemir

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Photo 1

This look is inspired by Flappers and 1920’s Art Deco. There is a fabric manipulation embroidered with yellow pearls on the crepe jacket and pants, which is adapted to the present day of the 1920s. Pearls are placed in a way that reflects Art Deco shape.

There is a collar only on the right side panel of the jacket. Also, pearls dangle from the bottom edges of all the pieces.

Photo 2
Photo 3

A combination of yellow and gray was made using the trend colors of 2021. This jacket features a fabric manipulation embroidered with yellow pearls on only one sleeve.

Photo 4

The words “stuck on” can mean in love, a phrase used by the Flappers. It is specially embroidered on the back of the jacket with yellow pearls.

Photo 5

The cut-out on the front right of the jacket and the shape surrounding the one side of the pants are designed to reflect the Art Deco shape.

Photo 6: Close up

Yellow pearls were placed into the fabric that was designed. The same technique is used on the jacket sleeve, front part and pants in Look 1.

Meet the Designer

Ozdemir, Ozge

Ozge Ozdemir


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Throughout my life, I always believed that everything has its own ‘’unique’’ meaning. Everyone has memories that separate that person from everyone else, leading them to incomparable feelings. My curiosity about the meaning of these feelings has always pushed me to create designs and led me to become a fashion designer. My design journey starts with inspiration from these ‘’secret’’ meanings. I reflect people’s emotions in my designs to tell a story. Also, I always try to figure out the stories of architectural masterpieces around the world. When I see a fascinating architectural building, I analyze the shape and the height. Long buildings have vertical lines, and vertical lines represent grandeur. On the other side, horizontally shaped buildings indicate a sense of motionless rest. Also, colors have various meanings in different parts of the world. In South Africa, red represents mourning, but in Turkey, red represents love and passion. I want my designs to speak by using these many different ‘’secret’’ meanings for us all to see.

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