Gallery 2021 – Paige Fedorchek

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Paige Fedorchek


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Photo 1

Editorial shot of satin blazer with plastic soda bottle sleeve caps & pant. 

Photo 2

Three quarter view of satin blazer, brocade combo top, & pant. 

Photo 3

Back view of satin blazer with plastic soda bottle sleeve caps & pant. 

Photo 4

Handmade plastic soda bottle sleeve cap.

Photo 5

Yellow brocade patchwork top with cotton detachable leg “pantie” pant.

Meet the Designer

Fedorchek, Paige

Paige Fedorchek

Newtown, Connecticut

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I design because I’m driven to create and make people feel confident and virtuous. The reason why I wanted to become a designer is so I can make a difference in the world. I work to express originality and passion, as well as awareness of the current social climate and environmental issues that we face. All these factors are important to me as a designer. I design for my aesthetic, yet grow with the times as they change. By choosing to specialize in sportswear I have been able to infuse menswear, tailoring, corsetry, and construction into my pieces.  I produce clothing that is sustainable staple pieces for my customers to grow with.  I would consider my design aesthetic to be functional, structural, sustainable, and transformable. I have executed this by producing unique and sexy silhouettes that celebrate the human form.

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