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Paulette Lewis


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Photo 1

This look is inspired by the dragon, symbolizing success, fearlessness, strength, and balance. It embodies primordial power, is magical, mystical and part of a world beyond ours. A dragon as your spirit guide means you’re fierce and confident in everything you do. The look is made of recycled canvas, making it eco friendly.

A close-up view with dragon scales in focus.

Photo 2
Photo 3

An angled shot from below showing the movement of the dragon’s tails as they hang from the garment

Photo 4

Another angled shot showing the look with the jacket open as the dragon still follows the body, with a high-waisted body suit to match, and to go underneath.

Photo 5

The back view of this look, as the dragon flows through the body from the front to the back, and wrapping around the head of the mask.

Video of garment in motion, showing the movement of the “tail ends” of the dragon, and the visual dimensions and colors of the scales.

Meet the Designer

Lewis, Paulette

Paulette Lewis

Bronx, New York

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I am many things, but the first thing I am is a designer/artist. In my designs, I incorporate art, as art influences my fashion and vice versa. The clothing itself is art, that’s what fashion is for, and that’s why people buy certain styles, they essentially become walking art. Designing is like art because it’s subjective, designing is a duty to give to the world, unfortunately, the world is impacted by climate change. I want to include not only style but innovation in what I put out into the world, being impactful especially if waste is involved, so I’m big on craftsmanship/longevity. I’m sustainable, I work with eco-friendly fabric, little to no waste pattern-making, making clothes functional/stylish yet not harmful to the environment, using scraps from those creations to create another. I want to change the world for the better, with better clothes and less pollution.

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