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Qingyi Zhou


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Photo 1

The theme of this look is rediscovering our old closet. The main fabric of the jacket is plaid wool with a layer of organza on top. Fabrics are stitched together using a quilting technique. The concept of the skirt is garment deconstruction.

Photo 2

An additional top can be attached to the skirt on the back. The collars of the jacket are shoulder pads covered with knit fabrics from a vintage sweater.

Photo 3

Underneath the jacket is a reconstructed T-shirt. There are two button holes on each side of the bra top that allows for adjustment of underarm size accordingly.

Photo 4

Buttons are hidden inside the waistband of the skirt on the back so that the top can be attached or detached. There are straps attached to the jacket as well.

Photo 5

The image shows the skirt.

Meet the Designer

Zhou, Qingyi

Qingyi Zhou

Deyang, China

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From a very young age, I have found art and design so very interesting. I became fascinated by fashion later on and when I was ten years old, I decided that I wanted to be a fashion designer. What is most important to me as a designer is to make the garment beyond functional. As a result, I chose to specialize in sportswear, for it is a category full of possibilities, but at the same time practical. I believe fashion is a way of expressing ourselves, an element of building our lifestyle, and an approach to a more ideal life. Instead of focusing on the trend, I want to pay more attention to helping my customers discover their unique personalities, the personal meaning clothes can bring to them, and the fun of being themselves.

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