Gallery 2021 – Qiuyang Liu

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Qiuyang Liu

Special Occasion

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Photo 1

Quarter front view of the gown with princess line design.

Photo 2

Side view of gown with pink crepe back satin lined back cape.


Front view of illustration.

Photo 3

Back view of the gown with V shape low-back design and teardrop shape godet design.

Meet the Designer

Liu, Qiuyang

Qiuyang (Richard) Liu

Guangzhou, China
Special Occasion

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Since I was young, my attention to fashion made me an anomaly among my peers, but my parents supported my choice wholeheartedly. In the pursuit of my dream, I have fallen, felt despair, and even had the idea of giving up. However, each time I gritted my teeth and kept going until I entered my dream school, FIT. Through continuous learning and exploration, my view on fashion design has changed dramatically. I chose special occasion because fashion design, a century-old skill, should continue to be passed on to the next generation in the most traditional way in today’s technological age. Not for money and fame, but for the purest spirit of fashion design.

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