Gallery 2021 – Rachel Sopher-Harelick

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Yarden Sopher-Harelick


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Photo 1

This thesis explores discomfort and anxiety that accompanies obsessive-compulsive disorder, (OCD). Through asymmetry and pattern distortions, garments aim to instill an uneasiness in both the wearer and viewer. This image exposes a patch rotated to disrupt the plaid pattern of the skirt.

Photo 2

Model wears a cold shoulder button down exposing her shoulder where her head would usually be. Of all the buttons on the shirt, only one is yellow.

Photo 3

The longer side of the asymmetrical skirt is shown while model holds a pill bottle purse with one cap unturned.

Photo 4

Back view of outfit shown with model tilting her body to favor the garment’s irrational construction.

Photo 5

Model’s stance is controlled by her outfit and how it would normally lay on the body.

Photo 6

Model stands uncomfortably in a broken elevator, appearing stuck and distorted. Her head seems to be poking out of the armhole, while her shoulder peaks out of the shirt’s collar.

Meet the Designer

rachel, sopher harelick

Yarden Sopher-Harelick

Riverdale, New York

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Growing up in a home where the arts were valued (my father was a graphic designer who later opened a pottery studio) drawing, painting and sculpting were always in the foreground. Trips to visit grandma were where I was first taught to sew, making handbags out of my old school uniform.  From that point, I took a deeper interest in sewing and ultimately fashion. The morning ritual of coordinating my school outfit became an hour-long process, which often triggered emails to my parents from school scolding my lateness. While I was constantly told that “school was not a fashion show,” it was to me. Freshman year of high school I decided to take Sunday morning pre-college classes at FIT. I continued to do that every semester of every year until I applied to enroll.  My background in fine art inspires me to give everyday clothing a funky and playful twist.

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