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Rachel Balisa Teperman


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This look visually reflects a personal exploration of identity and self- expression. By distorting the form of the body and juxtaposing free movement with confinement, the Orifice poncho top and skirt evoke the dichotomy of free self-expression and concealment.

The Ghost Bra is sculpted out of biodegradable thermoplastic to represent an “undergarment,” or the innermost, vulnerable self, worn and embraced as an outer piece.

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Photo 3

The openings throughout the garments symbolize openness in self-expression, the concept of “holding space” for ourselves, and energy channels inside us.

Photo 4

In this collection, abstract silhouettes express the ambiguous and often contradictory nature
of emotion.

Photo 5

Silver Mexican Milagro charms of body parts like the eye, hand, ear, and heart symbolically
integrate and embody all aspects of the self.

Meet the Designer

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Rachel Balisa Teperman


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Growing up, I was moved by the transformative quality of fashion and how it creates an opportunity to freely experiment with self-expression. I am fascinated by the relationship between clothing and emotion, and how the external can reflect our internal experience. I see fashion design as an art medium where thoughts, emotions, and ideas can be explored and expressed on the body.  Expressionist art, surrealism, and music deeply influence my work, and I am drawn to creating abstract pieces that disrupt the usual way of thinking about clothes and also engage people’s imagination. I would love to blend fashion design with other mediums like performance, film, and music to create an interactive, immersive experience.

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