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Saemi Jeon


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Multi-color patterned latch hook vest with back ties placed over a color block sleeveless hand-knit sweater and fully fashioned machine knit skirt.  Look accessorized with knit balaclava, mittens, and slippers.

My collection ‘The Memory Vessel’ was inspired by memory jugs which are vessels into which small objects representing cherished memories are placed. The styling of each memory jug is unique, covered with texture and multiple materials, making it a perfect container for objects that will keep your memories from fading away.

View showing the handwoven vest back ties and embossed woven mittens.

The color blocked sleeveless drop-shoulder hand-knit sweater and the vessel-shaped skirt programmed in Stoll M1 software represent a memory vessel. A latch hook skill vest holds ambiguous my dogwood flower memory.

A color blocked sleeveless top, a white skirt, weaving straps, and a white balaclava

The latch hook skill vest is fastened by tieing hand-woven straps at the back. The hand-knit balaclava and embossed woven mittens emphasize the overall shape.

Weaving straps

The different textures of yarns are weaved together in various directions, meaning mixed memories. The purl-stitch knitting pieces role a stretch bridge between the latch hook panel and weaving straps.

A color blocked sleeveless top, weaving straps, a white balaclava, and white woven mittens

A cozy, soft, and delicate atmosphere is all around here.

A color blocked sleeveless top, a white skirt, a latch hook vest, weaving straps, a white balaclava, white woven mittens, and sleepers

All knit stitches and various textures flow like one from head to toe. A handmade flower with multiple textures is placed into a memory jug.

Meet the Designer

Jeon, Saemi

Saemi Jeon

Incheon, South Korea 

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Subtleness is approachable and cozy, yet steady and unyielding, which leads me to design with sincere empathy and focused diligence. Small, unnoticed, unspoken things are sources of my inspiration that mold into something more through my designs, to love the ordinary.

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