Gallery 2021 – Selen Ozkelebek

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Selen Ozkelebek


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Photo 1

This look includes a mixture of features from outdoor clothing and casualwear.

Photo 2

The jacket’s fabric has a glued waterproof cover on top of the cotton swiss voile with embroderies.

Photo 3

The blouse has ruffle details with binding on the edges. Thumbhole cuffs made from rib knits has a constrast with silk blouse.

Photo 4

The jacket has hood with dart details as well as in the front body.

Photo 5: A plastic zipper between the top and bottom parts inspired from detachable hiking pants.

The pants contains two different parts. The top part has green canvas fabric with fly zipper and pockets. Bottom part is double sided cotton/faux leather embroidered fabric.

Meet the Designer

Ozkelebek, Selen

Selen Ozkelebek


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I realized my interest in fashion design in the early days of high school. Despite studying in the sciences, I thought that fashion design was the ideal creative outlet for me. To me, being able to think numerically and logically, and being skilled in drawing, were some of the most important factors to being a good designer. I did my best to be included in ITU-FIT SUNY double degree program. At ITU, I learned to sew, drape, and prepare a collection. Then, I continued at FIT, and thanks to the unlimited possibilities, I further improved my sewing, draping, and design skills. When I graduate, I believe that I will be a very well-equipped, and confident fashion designer.  I aim to design functional clothes that make people feel comfortable and confident when they wear them and to make people own artistic pieces that are thoughtfully designed.

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