Gallery 2021 – Shannon Mckenty-Allen

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Shannon Taylor McKenty

Intimate Apparel

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Photo 1

Digitally printed bodysuit made with recycled polyester paired with a vegan leather belt made from eco-sustainable cactus leather. Sustainable corozo buttons displayed across the wearer’s right shoulder seam for neck opening.

Digitally printed design involved a collaboration with artist Damian Malajev. Digital printing versus screen printing, was chosen as a more environmentally conscious method.

Photo 2
Photo 3

Wrap around skirt with hoop hardware created with organic rose stem fabric and 100 percent mulberry silk de chine. Fabric hand dyed in a water-less method using indigo dye and Bengala mud dye.

Photo 4

Close-up detail of the belt made from eco-sustainable vegan cactus leather. Hemp braiding frames the edges of the belt.

Photo 5

Back view of digitally printed bodysuit made of recycled polyester, vegan eco-sustainable cactus leather belt, and wrap around skirt made with rose stem fabric and mulberry silk.

Meet the Designer

McKenty-Allen, Shannon

Shannon Taylor McKenty

Info Sheet

Palm Beach, Florida
Intimate Apparel

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I’ve always been a huge nerd and developing cosplays of my favorite anime and comic book characters were really what got me interested in fashion design and sewing in general. I enjoy seeing a fantasy come to life. I chose intimate apparel because I wanted to expand the boundaries of what most people consider classic lingerie. A huge inspiration for me is the BDSM community and streetwear. In my designs, the goal is to combine the two. Experimenting with shapes is also always a goal of mine. I love the idea of creating a garment to be worn as either underwear or outerwear – something versatile. If I had to choose a ‘design aesthetic’, I would say that it’s contemporary, leaning toward the alternative side.

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