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Soomin Park


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Opened brown cropped jacket with cutouts on outside part of sleeves; outside part of sleeves with gold grommets going along the sides of the cutout; brown and black suede cords going through the jacket grommets on sleeve; a center front hook and eye closure. Black cropped top with princess seams. Crepe back satin skirt is coming up to model's knees.

Brown faux suede cropped jacket paired with a black faux suede cropped top and crepe back satin midi skirt.

Full front view of the brown suede cropped jacket with sleeve cutouts and grommet and suede cord trim application with a clearer view of the crepe back satin skirt.

Black and brown suede cord trim application on brown suede cropped jacket enhanced by wind. Fluidity/movement of black crepe back satin skirt also shown in wind. Skirt has a wrap feature (coming from the model's right side seam of the skirt) where it is snapped on in place and has a tie feature (coming from the model's left side seam of the skirt), which goes through the opening slot that is on the wrap skirt feature part of the skirt.
Sleeveless black cropped top with straps, corset closure on center back, and silver grommets and black suede cord trim application. Back of the black crepe, back satin midi wrap skirt, shows the two back darts and has an invisible side zipper closure.

Back side view of cropped sleeveless top in black suede and black crepe back satin midi skirt.

Model leaning on chair exposing the sleeve cutout and fringe of the brown suede jacket.

Closeup of sleeve cutout and fringe detail.

Closeup view of black suede strapless top, showing corset back closing.

Angled shot from below, of model wearing black suede top.

Series of photos showing side, front, back of the skirt, top, and jacket. Video also shows pictures taken from ground-level angles and the movement of garments.

Meet the Designer

Park, Soomin

Soomin Park

Queens, New York

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It seems cliché to say I really love shopping, but I do. I have always loved to style myself as well as those around me. I have always wanted to dress someone from head to toe with the designs I’ve created. I chose sportswear specialization because I didn’t want to limit myself to one kind of occasion wear. Being in the sportswear specialization taught me that sportswear doesn’t always need to be a ready-to-wear kind of clothing, but if you think creatively, you can transform a ready-to-wear piece into something fancy, casual, or business-like. I believe being simple with a small dash of creativity is best because the entire look is presented by its neatness and is still pleasing to the eye.

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