Gallery 2021 – Stefani Tolchin

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Stefani Tolchin


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Photo 1

Back top view: handmade velvet piping with thermal colored stitching and seed beads, symbolic of the nerves and brain activity depicted through magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Photo 2

Front and side view: leg slit detail with piping, stitching, and beading.

Photo 3

Asymmetric top structured with boning, handmade accessories.

Photo 4

Side view

Photo 5

Back view

Photo 6

Detail shot

Meet the Designer

Tolchin, Stefani

Stefani Tolchin

Miami, Florida

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I wanted to become a surgeon or a psychologist. I was told my hands were “special”. Maybe because I am double-jointed, or because my mom thought I should pursue hand modeling. Art was always a constant in my life—a form of expression when I couldn’t find the words, and when the words would not suffice. Creating became my identity and outlet. My work is usually hyper-detailed; embroidery is one of my preferred forms of art. It requires patience, intention, and precision. My “aesthetic” is divergent; it depends on the feelings I want to convey in a piece or collection. I am an adaptable designer, but I prefer to make a statement.

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