Gallery 2021 – Stephanie Cardona

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Stephanie Cardona


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Photo 1

Patchwork dress sustainably made with 50 pattern pieces. Most of these art nouveau cotton prints are remnants from 20 years ago.

Photo 2

Closeup of model Hannah surrounded by magnolia. The fabric manipulation on bust panels was inspired by the mosaic tiles that descend from above in subway stations.

Photo 3

Mood board exposing the inside view of garment and old family pictures of a dress that inspired it.

Photo 4

Model Hannah wandering around Central Park. Back of dress consists of 17 panels made of fabric swatch remnants from the 90’s and a couple of high-end fabrics such crushed velvet and taffeta.

Photo 5

Close-up of the novelty and cotton art nouveau patchwork. The side view exposes more of the gathered silk panel of this Edwardian silhouette.

Process video showing 90’s family photos. Next shot is patchwork layout that’s begun to be draped panels being sewn together along with end result.

Meet the Designer

Cardona, Stephanie

Stephanie Cardona

College Point, New York

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I am a first-generation immigrant of parents from Colombia.  I am from New York where I have gratefully been exposed to a melting pot of communities.  I’ve always had an appreciation and love for many forms of art such as fashion, music, photography, and dance.  I was inspired by my mom since she used to make me clothes when I was little and taught me the basics of sewing.  Fashion is a big part of how I express myself creatively through a tangible object that is essential.   I enjoy combining patterns and colors to create a playful yet bold statement.  What sets me aside from other designers is how I reflect my experiences onto my work.  I chose sportswear because I gravitate towards the casual everyday look.  I am drawn to the Edwardian era so I gravitate towards a vintage aesthetic, although I could be a bit maximalist at times.

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