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Steven Panoncillo


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Photo 1

The “Adrena: The Monster in the Mirror,” collection is inspired by the process of becoming a drag queen and the warping of identity. This macramé poncho is made of over 1,000 yards of red nylon rope and embellished with hex nuts and other found pieces of hardware.

Photo 2

Constructed of randomly knotted tangled fringe; this piece has a life of its own when the wearer moves in it.

Photo 3

The back of the garment echoes the front, playing on exposing skin in certain areas while covering others in its tangle of knots.

Photo 4

The headpiece was created by wrapping a pageant crown in rope and shoelaces.

This catsuit is made of mesh custom printed of a screaming face placed asymmetrically with matching gloves.

As a drag queen, I am able to come to life when performing. This garment is very much the same.

Meet the Designer

Panoncillo, Steven

Steven Panoncillo

Monument, Colorado

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My design is driven by my identity. I have been a drag queen for almost six years now, so I owe my creativity and basic understanding of garment creation to my drag persona. The duality between myself and my alter ego drives me to combine boldness, beauty, and camp, with wearability and mainstream appeal.

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