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Tamanna Jain

Special Occasion

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Photo 1

AXIAL, a vision of the future, where every life form thrives in independence and co-existence at the same time. Wildflowers bloom in the dark. They become a means of expressing the boldness of the person without any hesitation.
Hand-beaded organza leaves are individually stitched on the mermaid gown.

All leaves are hand beaded with aluminum wires placed between the beads, giving diverse shapes to the leaves. The multicolor leaves bring the gown to life.

Photo 2
Photo 3

The statement mermaid gown is made from black poly satin fabric with a separate petticoat inside to hold the leaves out at the bottom of the gown.

Photo 4

Strapless mermaid gown with 3D beaded leaves in organza.Her Axial’s secretly resilient, strong enough to hold the worst of storms. She stands confidant to face every situation.

Photo 5

The silhouette of the gown, combined with the placement of leaves, gives a very elegant feel to the garment.

This gown was also made in 3D to give the viewer a clear understanding of its construction through a 360-degree view.

Meet the Designer

Jain, Tamanna

Tamanna Jain

Jaipur, India
Special Occasion

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Growing up in India, it was not my childhood dream to pursue fashion as a career. However, during my school years, I felt drawn to designing and draping. My mother has always been my inspiration and is the reason for me to pursue design as my career. Studying abroad, I have been able to look at different cultures from various perspectives. I have seen a change in fashion, and I wish to adapt to this change by juxtaposing designs and ideas from multiple cultures. I grew up seeing big silhouettes and beautiful traditional embellishments. These aspects of special occasion fashion made me want to choose it as my specialization. My design aesthetic is also very traditional, but luxurious at the same time. For me haute couture is fashion. It is a place of freedom, emotion, imagination, creativity, and experimentation, and that is exactly how I approach it.

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