Gallery 2021 – Tessa Dondero

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Tessa Dondero


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Photo 1

A monochrome look inspired by architecture with a diamond design. The top has a netting effect with elastic cord that creates a diamond shape. Underneath is a mesh top with ruched sleeves.

Front of garment, showing the double breasted vest with a notch collar. It also shows the asymmetrical pants.

Photo 2
Photo 3

Image shows the fabric manipulation on the back of the vest. I was inspired by buildings with a diamond design like the one behind my model.

Photo 4

This image shows the fabric manipulation in the back of the vest.

Photo 5

This full-body shot shows the bottom of the pants with the same fabric manipulation as the vest.

Photo 6

Meet the Designer

Dondero, Tessa

Tessa Dondero

Danville, California

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