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Tianna Rose Abel


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Photo 1

The look is inspired by nature in Hawaii. As believed in ancient Hawaiian culture, humans require a spiritual relationship and respect for the environment in order to thrive and sustain life.

The cork jacket replicates the fibrous, rhythmic bark and roots of trees- the uneven strips and hem were hand cut. For stabilization, these bark-like pieces were sewn to solid strips.

Photo 2
Photo 3

Lined with cotton canvas, the silk organza pants were burnt with candles to replicate how flowers can die and can come back to life.

Photo 4

The vibrant, various wool colors of the welt felted top are inspired by those of Rainbow Eucalyptus trees found in Hawaii.

Photo 5

To replicate the fibrous, rhythmic bark and roots of trees, uneven strips and hem were hand cut. For stabilization, these bark like pieces were stabilized with solid strips.

Photo 6

This look demonstrates how we can take natural fabrics and manipulate them into something fun, colorful, feminine, and powerful.

Meet the Designer

Abel, Tianna

Tianna Rose Abel

Mount Joy, Pennsylvania

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Being adopted, I recognize how privileged I am which gives me a desire to help others using my strengths of creativity and fashion. I began sketching garments at a young age, and after watching the film The True Cost, I realized the environmental and social impacts the fashion industry has on the world. Believing we should all live harmoniously and be stewards of the Earth, my collections are inspired by the environment, whether it be a specific theme or sustainable fabrics. My aesthetics range from geometric, classic feminine, to prairie chic. Each collection is colorful because I believe colors can express one’s mood and tell a story. I love design details like asymmetry, ruffles and pleats, which appeal to women like me: city girls who moved from the countryside. My designs are meant to encourage women to be confident in their bodies, embrace their femininity, feel sexy, and be spontaneous.

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