Gallery 2021 – Tsz Tung Yeung

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Queenie Tsztung Yeung


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Photo 1 - Side View

Fragile top connected with drawstrings at the back, with a piece of jade. It reveals how society treats women unfairly; wanting them to look pretty and full of fantasy.

Photo 2 - Front View

Two-piece look with a drawstring top, inspired by traditional Chinese female underwear. The twisted pattern pant with “evil snakes” is inspired by the movie Green Snake.

Photo 3 - Detail Shot

Top made with three fabrics: grey/blue with drawstring underwear, floral print with women’s sex symbol, green sheer tie-dyed fabric with snakeskin.

Photo 4 - Detail shot

The look is inspired by the shape of a snake and the skin it sheds before being transformed into a human in the movie Green Snake

Photo 5 - side view, model standing

Side view of asymmetrical pant and drawstring top.

Photo 6 - Model on the ground, side view of garment

Meet the Designer

Yeung, Tsz Tung

Queenie Tsztung Yeung

Hong Kong

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