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Valeria Flecha Rosa


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Photo 1

This look is inspired by the aftermath of Hurricane Maria and the ongoing catastrophic events in Puerto Rico. Most materials were sustainably sourced. The coat is made from recycled plastic blue tarp lined with up-cycled work shirts. Electric cables were used for the top and recycled textiles for the pant.

Photo 2

These garments include a nude mesh top with an electric cable appliqué styled with a pair of brown trousers that feature a cut along the princess line and a cutout around the left hip.

Photo 3

The intertwined electric cables symbolize the months-long and ongoing electricity outages that caused major struggles but united Puerto Ricans, representing the power of community.

Photo 4

An 8×10 foot blue tarp was ruched in uneven wavy lines to evoke the feeling of chaos and then cut and sewn into an impermeable long coat.

Photo 5

Blue tarps were used to cover the houses that lost their ceilings for months and years. This piece calls for a critique on the lack of response of government agencies.

Photo 6

Chaos and destruction balanced with resilience and resistance. Puerto Rico is still living the consequences of Hurricane Maria. But Puerto Ricans are strong, neither hurricane nor people will take away our home.

Meet the Designer

Flecha, Valeria

Valeria Flecha Rosa

Toa Alta, Puerto Rico

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My journey started as a 6-year-old girl from a small island. I was fascinated by fashion and art, spending hours drawing garments and daydreaming about becoming a fashion designer. I design because, in fashion, I find a unique opportunity for expression. I like to tell stories and transmit important messages through my art. Fashion can tell us about society, history, beauty, culture, and about the world; it is everywhere, but it is also a very personal experience and one that drives me. As a designer, my goal is to see my designs on the street, in daily life, in special moments, and worn differently by each individual. I want to see people use my pieces as a way to show what goes on inside of them, to share their authentic self or their alter egos. The creation is my personal experience, but wearing it will be their own.

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